New study is trying to identify specific proteins that are found in human saliva. Researchers believe that this proteins can be used as markers to help identify early stages of breast cancer. Study is trying to show how the onset of breast cancer produces a change in the normal type and amount of proteins in humans saliva and it was discovered that amount of protein in healthy individual is altered by the presence of cancer.

It was good thing that this kind of disease can be detected by using small amount of saliva because it’s more likely that women will more often visit dentist than physician. During the research scientist used samples of saliva from 30 patients and they found that 50 proteins differentiated healthy individuals from those with benign and also the ones with malignant breast tumors . Study findings suggest that patients should be tested for breast cancer by analyzing their saliva during regular visit to a dentist’s office.

This is very important research because it provides new diagnostic test by very simple procedure. Scientists hope that they will be able to detect early stages of breast cancer and give patients treatment as early as possible.