Study found that people with low levels of TGFBI protein which is a human gene who suffer from ovarian cancer may have difficulties in responding to the cancer treatment. This finding was discovered when some patients who didn’t have this protein in their body showed to be immune to Paclitaxel, a drug used in ovarian cancer treatment.

Study was based on data from 20 patients and the results show that those patients who didn’t response to paclitaxel had lower levels of this protein and some further analysis showed that death of cancer cells was significantly higher with the treatment where levels of this protein were high. It was discovered that this protein could be used as a marker for selecting patients who are more likely to response to Paclitaxel. With this new finding doctors are sure that they can provide better treatment for ovarian cancer patients.

This study revealed that some proteins around cancer cells have affect on sending message to microtubules, the backbone of the cell, sensitizing them to paclitaxel and by being able to decipher this message it can lead to new treatments that will stimulate this coded messages and this will surely lead to improvement in paclitaxel response and provide less side effects than previous treatments.