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my husband is in stage IV of lung cancer and his oncologist team told us there’s nothing left for them to try, except ease his pain. We didn’t want to give up completely just yet, so we started with Cellect Budwig Protocol a month ago. We figured it can’t do much harm at this point, since Cellect is a vitamin mixture and Budwig diet is basically only cottage cheese mixed with flaxseed oil.

What would help to know is, if anyone tried this protocol already, what is its success rate, for at least prolonging the time my husband have left?



I completely understand your will to try any alternative treatment that at least offers some hope, even at a late stage lung cancer, and even when conventional medicine has no more options left, but I'm afraid that a vast majority of these alternative treatments are based on very loose grounds. Yet the site that sells cancer treatment 'protocols' as they call it claim they have 90% success rates and blame every failure on all the conventional treatments the patient had before starting the alternative.

There is no research that gives the exact success rate for Cellect Budwig protocol, but it is true that at the very least it will not do more harm than the cancer already has done.



I too am looking at the Budwig while in a similar situation with my father. I don't have any timescales for you either, but wish you and your husband well whichever path you follow and hope he is alive and making progress. These are not easy times, it feels so sad and unnecessary.

If Budwig doesnt help I'd recommend you look at the cancer tutor website and get a coach on there for a flat fee to help cheaply implement a personalised blend of alternatives. You can do it yourself though - all the info is there. One device they mention is the Rife Machine which cured all the terminal hospital cancer patients it was used on in a hospital trial.

I'd also look at the herb sutherlandia OPC with n-acetyl cysteine. S/OPC gets many very good testimonials on cancer websites. It turned around my skeptical dad's bloods when he bothered to take them, in just a fortnight. Could be coincidence but you wont have pharma and therefore our governments interested unless pharma can patent a molecule and sell it at a ridiculous price instead.

Now to balance the first reply as this is one of the top returns I find for budwig and needs to be placed in proper context of our failed medical system in the west.

RE "alternative treatments based on very loose grounds"

Sadly that's not much different from what the medical world offers presently. The exact success rates of chemo are now regarded by many independent investigators as misleading and even falsified, disregarding the organ failure and other deaths which should better have been attributed to chemo damage.

This is part of an emerging pattern of pharma's general mockery of double blind studies which poor regulators have too easily passed off as legit and we pay for in our health. As a result our oncologists fail us with their lack of better alternatives and choices for when success rates are not good enough. So we get suspicious when an alternative is offered with higher successes even though it was created by a nobel prize winning scientist who treated 1000s of people.

Similar double blind study falsification has now been exposed in vaccine studies by the scientists themselves who took part as well as editors of major scientific journals. Some anti depressants are no better than placebo now upon proper review of the studies. What's the link in their continued dominance? Big pharma paying for big corrupted studies with the aim to make big money.

"Directing blame on the chemo" Is it too much thought to direct some blame at chemo when it is mostly a cocktail of poison for the body that can kill cancer as a byproduct. Untargeted chemo especially is hardly good grounds for improving vitality to support the body

Yet in our topsy turvy world it's often the first or only method thrown at the desperate patient who does not have the time to investigate the rabbit hole of misinformation about alternatives. Our oncologists are failing us with their complete lack of traditional healing methods. I was staggered when finding about the success of the early naturopaths who had themselves often beat terminal illnesses and went on to each help 1000s of incurable patients recover, using holistic methods. Yet our governments don't bother to even study their methods never mind fund their use.

If only more money was put into the proper study of natural cures then, eh. But sadly the only money for big studies comes from the rich pharmas. These companies have a vested interest in not promoting the more gentle and natural healing methods available, which would impact their market.

Mostly we have to rely on testimonials or therapist notes for success rates of alternatives. Yet when successful these cannot legally claim a cancer cure in the USA or UK because of the establishment having made such claims actually illegal. Isn't that a bit interesting and draconian?

Yet some studies do occur. Apparently the scientist Royal Rife had a 100% success rate in his tests with terminal cancer patients from hospital before his lab mysteriously and repeatedly was trashed to stop him. And that was around 50 years ago...

I write this just in case it helps someone in similar desperation to us to have courage and hope when faced with a chemo only type option or medical failure for their cancer type.