Recent research found that high dose of chemotherapy isn’t good treatment for breast cancer. This treatment is based on extraction of stem cells from bone marrow of patient diagnosed with breast cancer before surgical removal of tumor. After the surgery a lot of chemotherapy is needed and it’s followed by the re-infusion of patients stem cells which should restore immune function of patient and that could be crippled by high dose of chemotherapy. This treatment is described as painful and highly toxic. It’s even reported that many deaths occur after this treatment and this new study hopes that this kind of therapy will be discontinued.

Results of the new study clearly indicate that high doses of chemotherapy are not effective as they were thought to be. There are different types of breast cancer and every one responds to the treatment in its own way. Some of them more rapidly response to one form of the treatment and some of them to other kind of treatment. It seems that different chemo options are the answer in treating breast cancer. If it’s proven that small dose on one form of chemo therapy isn’t successful there’s small chance that higher dose of the same chemo therapy will show results. It’s more likely that it will make the patient feel sicker.

This study suggests that is more affective to find the right drug for every case of breast cancer and proceed with treatments when cancer cells are most weakened.