Almost 50% of the patients diagnosed with cancer receive radiotherapy as a part of their cancer treatment. Dose of radioation is individual for every patient because some patients are more likely to have side effects (toxicity) to the normal tissues and organs that surrounds the tumour than other patients.

New study was designed to find out what common genetic variations are related with such side effects. Study should provide information how to indentify patients who are radiosensitive and individualise radioation dose to optimise tumour control while reducing toxicity.

New technology gives possibility to look at the variation of genes and to see which genes give information about someone’s sensitivity to radiotherapy.

Researchers are hoping in the near future to have every cancer patient profile. That way they could tell if the patient has certain versions of genes x, y and z then his chances of getting toxicity are hundered times more than some patient with other versions of these genes.
This study should be a new break through in cancer research in the future.