Researchers found that new radiotherapy system which uses high – tech imaging with precision tumor targeting capability is of great help for the cancer patients. During the research it was determined that this new system could be of great help for the patients who have medically inoperable tumors or who simply don’t wont surgical treatment. Scientists revealed that this system adds to patients options for stereotactic body radiation therapy which represents a technique that features high radiation doses with great precision to tumors. They found this procedure to be the least invasive method that could help in treating some diseases.

Patients who already took this treatment said that beside mild redness they had no other side effects after it. Important thing is that tumor of this patients was scientifically reduced after this treatment which shows how beneficial it could be. Treatments last very short and patients only require one or two weeks for it and during that time they receive three or four doses.

This system was already found to be of great help in treating patients with lung, brain, spine, head and neck tumor. Imaging component represents great importance for the process because it allows surgeons to position patient within two millimeters precision which maximizes radiation treatment directly to the tumor.