My doctor has me taking 800mg of seroquil per day, I take it usually at night. I am also taking lexapro at the same time, high dose.
I have been doing well with these for the past five years.

However, for the last two months I have been having touble with my Pharmacy. When it is time for a refill, which usually happends on a friday, my pharmacy doesn't have the pills in or some other lame excuse, Bottom line, Seroquil has ran out and I am off of it cold turkey for the entire weekend. This has also been happening with Lexapro.

This past friday, I was suppose to have my seroquil refilled, the pharmacy did not fill it so I went Friday, Saturday and Sunday without it.
By Monday morning, I was shaking, limbs were jerking, I felt very hot and was very sick to my stomach.

I will be switching Pharmacy's when it is time for the next refill.

I would like to warn anyone who is taking this amout of Seroquil daily, DO NOT go off cold turkey. Your sleep will be disrupted, you will not sleep for days on end. You will be sick to your stomach and sometimes vomiting. You will start jerking movements throughout your body and general shaking. It is not a good thing!