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If you find yourself in constant pain, fatigued and irritable, the next time you visit your doctor, make sure to ask about the possibility of fibromyalgia. This is a disease that is hard to diagnose and even harder to treat but supplements can help you.

You're on your way back home from another unsuccessful trip to the doctor's office. You've had pain in your joints, problems sleeping, and changes in your mood but every time you have to sit through another painful test, the results come back negative, and the mystery continues [1]. The doctors may say it is the early stages of rheumatoid arthritis or menopause but nothing is certain, and your family may even start to think you just have a low pain threshold and are just always irritable. What if I told you, you weren't delusional and that you may be suffering from a "hard-to-diagnose" medical disorder. These symptoms are characteristic in a condition called fibromyalgia and not only is it hard to diagnose but it is also hard to treat as well [2].

Treating Your Fibromyalgia 

Fibromyalgia is a common disease and affects over 12 percent of the population worldwide [3]. The treatment options for this condition are general and focused on managing the pain, improving a patient's sleep and incorporating a more active lifestyle to manage the discomfort better. Unfortunately, because the etiology of fibromyalgia is poorly understood, physicians usually rely on a cocktail of medications to achieve the maximal results which could mean that patients are subjected to combinations of anti-psychotics, anti-depressants and pain-killers; all of which have a number of side effects that can make their therapy ineffective. [4] Many patients turn away from these standard methods of therapy and instead utilize a number of supplements for fibromyalgia for their fibromyalgia pain relief. In this article, I will focus on easily-accessible supplements that target the three main complaints of fibromyalgia: pain, sleep disturbances, and mood changes.


When dealing with fibromyalgia, many patients complain about weakness and muscular pain. Many supplements are on the market for these specific component of the fibromyalgia disease spectrum but one that has a lot of potential to benefit a patient's life would be creatine supplementation. One study put the effectiveness of creatine to the test and after 16 weeks of creatine supplementation, patients had significantly greater levels of muscle strength and iso-metric strength compared to a placebo group. There were also no noticeable differences in kidney function or exercise tolerance suggesting that excessive creatine in the diet did not lead to physiologically-detrimental changes to internal organs. [5] As you can see, creatine is a supplement for fibromyalgia that will surely bring fibromyalgia pain relief. 

A Few More Additional Supplements to Manage Your Fibromyalgia 


When dealing with the fatigue generally associated with your disease, a supplement for fibromyalgia that will help you is melatonin. A large number of sleep disturbances in medicine are rooted in some disturbance in your natural melatonin levels [6]. Strangely enough, melatonin levels in patients suffering from fibromyalgia are nearly identical to levels of melatonin seen in healthy adults [7]. As stated above, fibromyalgia is a very complex disorder and the exact mechanism of what is happening in your body is largely unknown even in modern medicine. A study found that melatonin did make a substantial difference in the lives of patients suffering from fibromyalgia. After 1 month of daily 3mg melatonin, patients noticed less pain and had better energy levels compared to controls. These findings support the use of melatonin as a supplemental agent to achieve fibromyalgia pain relief. [8]

Thiamine is another potential supplement for fibromyalgia. Researchers believe that the clinical cascade of symptoms that patients suffer from when afflicted with fibromyalgia are similar to diseases corresponding to low thiamine levels. You have surely heard of a few of these common diseases before but may never have realized the mechanism behind the disease: Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease and Wernicke's encephalopathy (to name a few) [9]. In one research study, patients with known fibromyalgia where given high doses of thiamine for a period of 1 year at it was determined at the end of the period that the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia had markedly improved. [10]

As a secondary benefit, both melatonin and thiamine will make you more alert and willing to partake in physical activity. Studies have repeatedly found that patients who engage in frequent aerobic and strength-training exercises consistently feel better compared to controls. These supplements for fibromyalgia are concentrated vitamins that will boost your energy reserves and help you find fibromyalgia pain relief. It is a big reason why physicians recommend patients suffering from fibromyalgia to "fight through the pain" and get active in order to start to feel better. [11]


Mood symptoms are also common in the presentation of fibromyalgia and the supplements for fibromyalgia are also available to help improve the quality of life. Nutritional supplementation can go a long way in improving a patient's perspective. Patients enrolled in one study consumed a freeze-dried aloe, fruits, vegetables and saccharide formula (essential a nutrient-boosted smoothie) and it was determined that the severity of symptoms associated with fibromyalgia decreased by over 25 percent after these smoothies. The effects tended to ware off after the first 6 months but these nutritional supplements can effectively reduce the initial symptom severity associated with fibromyalgia and improve the mood of the patients to make the disease more manageable to live with.[12

In more severe cases, fibromyalgia may be coupled with depression, so it is important to help patients manage their mood disorder effectively. It is believed that 40 percent of patients using some type of anti-depressant medication have ineffective responses. Supplements are available to enhance the effect of these medications and help patients dealing with their fibromyalgia [13]. An over-the-counter supplement that has been effective at treating this depression would be nutraceuticals [14]. This is a compound that replenishes the body with methyl and sulfate groups which are typically reduced in patients suffering from depression [15]. In one such study, it was found that women taking this compound had over a 20 percent reduction in their depressive symptoms [16]. 

A combination of these supplements will surely improve the principle pillars of fibromyalgia: pain, fatigue and mood disorders. They are all safe and easy to find and should be incorporated as soon as possible. 

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