I'm currently two days into a 10-day prednisone course for poison ivy, which I'm extremely allergic to. Luckily, I started taking the steroid the moment symptoms appeared, and so far while I have some blistering and itchiness, the weeping sores I'm accustomed to have been held at bay.

Unfortunately, last night I received a serious cut just along my left eyebrow, about a centimeter deep. I understand that prednisone impairs wound healing, but I'm really desperate to avoid a major outbreak of the poison ivy. My question is, will continuing with the steroid for the rest of the 10-day regimen cause lasting damage to my wound, or will it simply slow the healing process?

Currently, my prednisone dosage is 60 mg for the first four days, with a 20-mg taper every other day after that (ie, 40 mg on the fifth day, 20 on the seventh, 10 for the last two).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!