Recent study found that some medical beliefs that were thought to be true are actually unproven and false. Researchers investigated some medical myths that we hear every day and looked for evidences that could confirm these beliefs. Results of the study showed that most of these medical myths are false and here are some of the most interesting:

It’s essential to drink eight glasses of water every day – Researchers say that drinking eight glasses of water every day is not advisable as the adequate fluid intake is usually met by the juice, milk consumption and even with the caffeinated beverages. It’s also not advisable to drink excessive water.

People only use ten percent of brain – Many studies which included brain scanning discovered that there’s not a single area of the brain that’s totally silent and inactive.

Hair and fingernails continue to grow after death – Growth of hair and nails requires complex hormonal interaction which do not exist after death.

Shaving causes hair to grow faster, darker and coarser - Hair after shaving grows without finer taper which can be seen at the ends of unshaven hair and that gives the impression that hair is thicker and coarser.

Reading in dim light can cause eye damage – This was not confirmed at all

Hospitals ban mobile phones because of elesctromagnetical interference – There’s a little evidence that can confirm this.