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Everyone thinks they know exactly how to eat and train for weight loss, but this certainly isn’t the case. There are many common myths surrounding weight loss, that you don’t want to fall into the trap of following.
When it comes to losing weight, everyone has an opinion on what the best approach is. Unfortunately though, many people choose to blindly accept a common “fact” just because they read a certain article, or heard a trainer at the gym mention something. This is where a lot of weight loss myths come from.

Some argue that the sweeteners in diet soda can cause a spiking of the hormone insulin, which can trigger fat gain. However, the result of this is no negligible that it isn’t cause for concern.

Don’t Eat Late at Night

Eating late at night, or having an eating “cut off” is common among many dieters, as they believe calories eaten just before bed are more likely to be stored as fat. However, your body still burns calories while you’re resting and sleeping, and needs them for recovery purposes. A calorie consumed an hour before bed is no different to one consumed at lunch time.

Carbs are Bad

Carbs aren’t bad at all, it’s just that most people tend to eat the wrong type of carbs, or overeat them. Carbs are useful as a provider of energy, and to improve your recovery after training. Therefore, you should aim to have the majority of your carbohydrates for the day either in the two hours leading up to a training session, and in the two hours following it. For your carbs, stick mainly to vegetables, fruits, beans and pulses and grains, and avoid chips, candy and junk food.

Most peoples’ issue with carbs is that they can be very “more-ish”, and eating lots may make you feel bloated and lethargic. So while carbs in themselves certainly don’t halt weight loss, or cause you to gain fat, you just need to be careful about the amount you eat, and choose ones which don’t make you feel unwell, or trigger cravings.

Red Meat is Bad

Red meat is high in protein, and a moderate to high protein intake is essential when losing weight, as it helps to maintain muscle mass, boosts your metabolism, and regulates hormone production and homeostasis, plus, protein rich foods are extremely filling.

Fatty red meat does contain  more calories than white meat, but provided those calories fit in with your daily allowance, they are no more likely to contribute to weight gain than calories from any other foods. If you’re still worried about it though, just choose leaner cuts of red meat.

Never Skip Breakfast

If skipping breakfast helps you save a few calories for the day, and doesn’t make you feel unwell or tired, then go ahead and skip it. The idea that you must eat breakfast is ludicrous, and not backed by any unbiased scientific studies. Your metabolism does not slow down to such an extent after an overnight fast that it will impact weight loss.

If you find that skipping breakfast means that you’re starving hungry by mid morning, and leaves you eating every candy bar and cookie in sight, then obviously you should look at having a low calorie, balanced breakfast. However, if you can quite happily get through until lunch without eating, then there’s no need to force down food as soon as you wake up.

Hopefully that’s given you some insight into why many of the common weight loss myths that you hear aren’t true. If you’re still following any of these false guidelines, and finding that dieting is hard work, then stop straight away. It’ll make your life easier, and mean you get better results.