New study found that if minor stroke is treated on time it reduces chances of a bigger stroke that may occur later. If small stroke is treated immediately it cuts down by 80% the risk for deadly stroke that may happened in next 30 days. Researchers say that these mini strokes are some kind of warning and that the most of the strokes that follow after that one happened within 30 days.

Strokes occur when blood flow is blocked on it’s way to the brain. It can kill brain tissue and presents lead cause of death and permanent disability. Strokes are treated by medications that affect blood thinning. Study researched the strokes that are caused by a blood clot – ishaemic strokes because they are more usual then haemorrhagic strokes which are caused by brain bleeding.

Research stated that if the patients receive medical help immediately after stroke, risk of stroke that may follow is only 2% in comparation to patients who didn’t receive treatment. In that case risk of bigger stroke that may happened in next 30 days is 10%.

Early treatment prevents more than 100, 000 strokes just in Britain and this is of great importance to preventing major strokes that may end with death.