Researchers reported that some hormones that are found in dietary supplements can be related to progression of prostate cancer and in the same time decrease effectiveness of drugs that are used to fight cancer. Doctors advise patients to tell them if they’re taking some herbal or hormonal dietary supplements because it seems that these products have impact on health conditions.

This research started when two man developed aggressive prostate cancer couple of months after they started taking some dietary supplements. Researchers analyzed these supplements and found that label on product listed some ingredients that were not present, gave false concentrations of some other ingredients and didn’t list hormones that were present in these dietary products. Analysis showed that products contained testosterone and estradiol and tested the effect of these products on human prostate cancer cell lines. Results found this product to be more potent stimulator of cancer cell growth than testosterone. When scientists tried to stop the growth of cancer cells by increasing concentration of anti – cancer drug called bicalutamide it was proven to be less affective and showed some side effects.