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Thank you for being here for everyone,

My mother recently had a reoccurrence of ovarian cancer. The chemotherapy she was on for the last few weeks seemed to only maintain but not improve her test results. Her doctor now has switched her to Topotecan chemotherapy.
A close friend whom has battled breast cancer and Lupis for years just told me that my mom should be on a supplement called "Alka-Slim", drink 4 cups of green tea per day and eat mostly a vegetarian diet to promote a more alkaline balance in her body. My concern is her weight is 110 lbs(her weight is down from 125 lbs pre-reoccurrence), she is 5'6" and 74 years old. I'm concerned about the "slim" part of the "Alka-Slim" product my friend absolutely recommends.
Lastly, my sister learned of Glyconutrients and sent her Ambertose from the Mannatech company, I read up on it and it too sounds good. Can my Mom take some or both of these supplements without any adverse interaction with her chemotherapy program? Thank you so much! I am so glad I found this service and caring people like yourselves.


Mannatech has patents on their products and exclusive rights with the New Zealand government to their ingredients. The plants that provide the ingredients come from the Aboriginal people and are only sold to Mannatech. The products are miraculous and healing. I teach college chemistry with a background in biochemistry and nutrition. I am so happy with their products. I feel fabulous. Believe that they are like no other.