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I have been on the pill now for over a year.  My bf and I had sex last week (Wednesday morning) on my ovulation day.  I take my pills nightly between 10pm and 10:30pm.  I never miss any except the sugar pills. On yesterday, (Thursday), I had a gushing feeling in my private area.  I thought I was using the bathroom in my clothes.  I immediately got up and went to the bathroom to find blood in my underwear and it had went through to my pants. It was red and when I wiped a second time, it was red/pinkish.  After this happened, I started having mild cramps and I am still experiencing some cramping today.  My cycle is suppose to start Wednesday of next week.  Should I be worried about being pregnant?  I have one child and I'm not looking to become pregnant anytime soon.  What should I do?  I also have uterine fibroids, but I haven't ever spotted or seen blood like before my cycle.  I have seen it days after my cycle has gone.  Any advice.



Also, I only saw blood for that time.  I haven't seen any blood since that occurance.  It only lasted for about 5 minutes.  I