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I am a little confused and hope someone can help. I had a baby last august, and have been on birth control since. Even though it took several months to get regulated, the last few months I have been very regular with my cycle and periods. This month, I started spotting about the time my period would I thought ok, it is going to start here anytime. My body even felt like it was going to, and I kept checking thinking I had, but it was just spotting. It looked pinkish/light red on the toilet paper, but just brown on my liner. This continued during my period time when I usually have more flow. Then it stopped after 5 days and I started my new pack. I didn't miss a pill this past month and I had a regular period last month, so I'm confused. I have been sick, so I'm hoping that may be the reason for irregularity.

Any ideas? Please help, thanks.


Yes, being sick with the flu or cold can affect your period and blood flow. I suspect you haven't felt yourself and weren't eating as much during the time you were sick? If so, that can cause you to have period irregularities. If you are concerned and the symptoms continue, you should meet with your doctor and figure things out. Should go back to normal by next period, but just in case you may need to have an examination. Keep us posted on what you find out. The pinkish/light red flow on the toilet paper seems normal and even though the liner reveals brown it could just be the consistency and age of the blood that changes when on the liner. Again, keep us updated and see your doctor if you are concerned. Good luck!