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this was my other post, which was really long and detailed but no one replied:

basically, in shorter terms,
i've been on birth control for a year and a half, ever since then i've had a normal 28 day cycle which goes like this: finish pack on wednesday, get period on saturday sometimes sunday i'll get it but it's always one of the two.
i missed pills this month, on a couple different occasions. and had more sex this month than usual and my boyfriend has ejaculated inside my vagina, unprotected numerous times.
i missed my last couple pills so i start spotting on thursday instead of saturday so i thought my period was beginning early, but then i took the ones i missed and it stopped.
then i didn't get anything else until monday, making me 1-2 days late for my period, which has never happened. monday i started bleeding, so i thought i got my period, but a couple hours later it disappeared and was completely gone. until tuesday morning, then i started to get brown spotting which turned into brownish red spotting towards nighttime with a couple blood clots. but it's barely any. just spotting.

could i be pregnant? or what do you think is happening? need opinions desperately!!!!!


Hi I am almost in the same boat as you.. I was on the mirena birth control for 3 years but had it surgically removed due to some complications.. I started the pills a couple days after it was taking out and this was about 3 weeks ago well I was on my period for about 3 weeks & than about 4 days ago I got off of it well me and my husband had unprotected sex yesterday morning & few hours ago I went to the bathroom & seen that I was spotting brown & alittle light bleeding.. so what does this mean? Im pregnant or Im on my period again.. Im confused.. I have 2 kids & had the brown spotting so its making me believe that im pregnant or its syptoms of my changing of my birth control.. if someone could help me out & let me know their opinion I would really appreciate it...