I have done a million searches and never find an answer closely relatable, so I thought why not post my own question. I am 23 sexually active and on the pill. Approx 12 days ago (5-6 days after my period) I missed a couple of pills and as expected got some break through bleeding a couple of days later. This is normal for me and went away within 2 days, my concern is what followed.

About 5-6 days after I started to spot again, but even lighter, just a few drops when I wipe. It has happened on and off for a little over a week now and I am due to get my period in a week. I took a pregnancy test the day after the first spotting and it was negative. Now I am closer to my period and still spotting on and off but just a few drops once a day and nothing after it. I also have light cramping in my back. I know the short answer is wait for my period, but has anyone else had the same thing? My thoughts will not stray from the fact I might be pregnant, and I'm not sure it's worth another test yet. Thanks in advance if you can help with a reply.