Hello, I am on my third month of using birth control for the first time. I was prescribed Microgestin 1/20 FE because I would bleed twice every month and had bad cramps. The doctor told me not to worry if I bled the first month, that my body needed time to get used to the pill but the first month of taking the pill everything was fine I only bled once that month and I had a normal period. The second month I had protected sex and two days later, which was about a week before my period was due, I noticed every time I wiped down there, there was very light pink blood. The bleeding got a little heavier as the days passed but still light pink I went through at least a pad a day. The color went from light pink to light pink with a little bit of brown and I could see chunks of light pink blood in the toilet. The bleeding then calmed down but never completely stopped because I got my period which was dark red in color and my period continued for a week. I am now on my third month it is exactly a week before my period is due and I am noticing the light pink blood and small chunks of blood in the toilet. Should I be concerned or is this just because I am starting birth control? Is it possible for me to be pregnant even though I got my period last month? Thank you for taking the time to read I would appreciate a response and sorry if it was too much info.