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Alright so, I'm on Kariva birth control, have been for a few years now. I'm really very good about taking it at the same time every day, I even have an alarm set on my phone for 9pm so I'm reminded to take it...twice this month I got side-tracked and forgot but NEVER by a full 24 hours, actually by a couple hours at most (and that was way back in the first week or so of the pack).

My period is due next week, probably Thursday maybe Friday. Today is 8 days since I last was intimate with my boyfriend, and also 8 days since I would have "ovulated" if I a. wasn't on the pill, or b. the pill didn't work..either way, we ALWAYS use a spermicidal condom as back-up...ALWAYS whether I've been perfect with my pill or not.

This morning I woke up feeling like I do when I gt my period...light cramping, headache, achy joints, irritable, and now I have a brown jelly-like discharge/spotting (which I usually get right before my period starts). 

I know that even though NO birth control method is 100% effective that using the pill + a condom is pretty damn good but I'm still panicked about this random bleeding as I was doing some research and it sounds like it could be implantation bleeding.

I've had A LOT going on in my life parents just split up and my father went into a depression with anxiety attacks for the last two weeks, then I just spent last weekend in New York City sleeping only about 27 hours in the 96 hour time span, and walking 8-10 hours a day.

Do you think that this could be implantation spotting? Or do you think it's more likely the stress/sleep/exercise that caused this spotting? Or could it even be just the fact that I did screw those couple pills up earlier in the pack?

I usually wouldn't panic about spotting as I know breakthrough bleeding is common on the pill but the fact that implantation bleeding is said to occur 7-12 days after ovulation, and I am 8 days past when I would have ovulated/when I had sex is really freaking me out. Part of me wants to say it's the stress/exercise/sleep but I need some more opinions.



Im having the same problem. What were your results were you pregnant?