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Lipitor is a drug that lowers cholesterol but stroke patients could be at risk of brain hemorrhage if they take it. It was proven that Lipitor has ability to reduce coronary events but it also increases risk of brain hemorrhage. Beside reducing high cholesterol, Lipitor is used to reduce risk of stroke, heart attack and other complications in patients diagnosed with coronary heart disease or type 2 diabetes. Doctors advise patients before taking this medication to tell them if they have diabetes, thyroid disorder, kidney disease, muscle disorder or some blood disorder in order to prevent some of the complications that this drug can cause. Lipitor can cause breakdown of skeletal muscle tissue and this can lead to kidney failure.

New study also found the risk of brain hemorrhage. It involves rupture of blood vessels in the brain that could lead to rapid bleeding. It was found during the research that 2% of patients who took 80mg of Lipitor per day who suffered a stroke experienced brain hemorrhage compared to 1,3% of patients who took placebo instead of Lipitor. Lipitor also reduced potential risk of fatal ischemic stroke by 20% .

Results of the study found that people who were more likely to experience hemorrhage were the one who already had one before treatment with Lipitor, than older people and those with untreated high blood pressure. Researchers also say that levels of total cholesterol, smoking factor and blood – thinning medications had no influence on stroke risk.


scary, huh??