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A research team from Germany Getting found that a rode rage will do more than just get you frustrated, it could actually triple your chances of having a heart attack.

The team contacted over 1400 heart attack survivors for the study and determined that many of them had been caught in traffic jam 1 hour prior to their heart attacks.

Additionally, they found that women were in the higher-risk group but it is not clear whether it is due to the smaller number of women interviewed, only 325 in five years.

In the high risk group were also elderly males, patients who were out of work and those with a history of angina.

High-risk individuals for heart dealings are 3.2 times more prone to experience a heart attack when they have been caught in heavy traffic in the previous hour.

Other factors that may pose an underlying effect are, the exhaust, noise and air pollution coming from other cars.


It makes logical sense that road rage, the male gender, old age, being unemployed, angina history, noise and carbon monoxide from other cars can all predispose a person to a heart attack. Those susceptible individuals should avoid travel during peak hours.