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Okay so i am a 20 year old male and about 3-4 weeks ago i had sex with this one girl i knew. Either way, about 2-3 weeks ago ( I cant remember the exact day), i was taking a shower and noticed that i had a string like lump on the left side of my penis, Id say its about an inch long and a few centimeters wide. It is more noticable when I have an erection then when i dont, but only makes sense.

It isnt actually attached to the penis but I think its on the foreskin (not exactly sure what everything is called down there). Essentially, it can be moved around. I havent had any other issues in the past 2-3 weeks aside from this lump appearing. I have read a good deal online that this could be related to a swollen lymph or something. It is not painful and provides 0 discomfort to me. The only discomfort comes from the anxiety I have just knowing its there and basically it feels weird.

I am planning on making an appointment with an urologist when i get home for spring break, but I was wondering if any one could possibly ease my concerns or something. I wouldnt say im extremely worried, but its certainly something I wish would just go away.

Considering this appeared pretty soon after I had sex it seems logical that it was caused by it.


Dude.... That might be cypillis :/