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The average human penis size is, research suggests, 13.12 centimeters or 5.17 inches when erect, with the average circumference of an erect penis being 11.66 centimeters or 4.59 inches. Most guys will fall somewhere in the "normal" range, and 66 percent correctly rate their penis size as being about average. 

What if your penis is far from average, though? We hear about guys who are dissatisfied with a penis they perceive as too small quite often, but can a penis also be too big? The biggest penis informally on record belongs to Jonah Falcon. Any mention of his 13.5 inch erect manhood will probably leave you wondering if someone made a serious mistake and meant centimeters instead, but nope — you read that correctly. The medical term for such a thing is "macropenis", which obviously sits on the opposite end of the spectrum to the "micropenis". 

Some guys will certainly be quite happy with their huge penises, and Jonah, who has planned on donating his to the Icelandic Phallological Museum after his death, seems to be one of them. Extremely large penises can also cause issues, however. 

Sex With A Big Penis

Whether or not your sex life is affected by an above-average penis depends on exactly how above average it is. If it's very above average, you may encounter the following problems:

  • During intercourse, your penis may not go "all the way in", affecting your own pleasure. 
  • If you have vaginal sex with a woman, this may cause her pain. You may have to work on finding positions that work for her — ones that allow you to control how deeply you thrust. Anal intercourse, too, can cause pain for a partner. 
  • When a new partner sees your penis for the first time, it may really intimidate them — the fear that intercourse may cause pain may cause them to change their minds. This may explain why, from what I've read men with really big penises say online, excessively endowed men might have less, rather than more, sex. 
  • Oral sex may be off the table for you, or it may look quite different from the traditional blow job. 

There's more at play than sexual satisfaction, too. Condoms are more likely to break and slide off for men with really big penises, research confirms, and this means you are at a higher risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

Day To Day Problems

From needing to find really loose-fitting pants unless you want everyone to see "it" to chafing and difficulties finding a comfortable position for your penis, large manhoods may cause issues beyond the bedroom as well. 

So, Is There Such A Thing As Too Big?

The fact that there is such a thing as penis reduction surgery would suggest an affirmative answer to that question. Guys who are happy with their macropenises and don't experience problems as a result of having them can just continue on their way with their large penis. If yours causes you serious physical, psychological, or emotional and relationship problems, however, you could always have a chat with your doctor about the possibility of surgery.

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