Three and a half years ago, following shaving, I discovered a bump on my labia majora, a couple centimeters below where the hairline ends. I felt uneasy, but aside from one situation of oral sex (me being the giver NOT receiver) I wasn't sexually active and too fearful of the doctor to get it checked out (I had a severe case of hypochondria where I was scared to go to the doctor because I thought I was dying and didn't want the doctor to confirm it). I was 18 years old. Now I am 22 and I still have this same exact lump, only I think it may have gotten a bit larger. I ended up stopping the shaving routine a long time ago which also aided me in forgetting the lump was even there. But now I am very worried and my last gynecologist visit, the doctor forgot to check it out after I asked.

The lump is relatively small... on the surface at least it appears to be a bit smaller than a pea. It has an obvious head to it which is reddish/flesh-toned (the entire area surrounding is pink, but it is a bit lighter than the rest.. so I'll lean more towards flesh tone). I believe I feel it continues beneath the skin, and therefore not simply a surface bump. It is painful and I usually notice it if there is an pressure.... wearing fitted jeans and sitting a certain way where the seam presses right up on it. It becomes very tender when pressure is applied.

I am extremely nervous about this. My schedule is crazy hectic due to finals, papers, and work within the next few weeks not to mention finding an available time slot at the doctor. Any thoughts because this never going away is bringing back my hypochondriac tendencies and even if it is something needing medical treatment, I need reassurance that it would be treatable and that I'm not meeting my doom at the young age of 22.

Sorry if this is dramatic, but I am extremely nervous. Please ease my mind!!! :-(