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Hello, last tuesday i was doing tennis as i do everytuesday and i felt alittle unwell i.e headake so i left early (not sure if that is relevant). that night 5 hours once i have returned (at 2am) i woke up and immidately put my hand to my neck where i felt a small lump on the right side of my neck in the middle towards the back.. from some research on goodly looks like about the area of the posterior cervical.

it did not hurt me but it concirned me so i decided to weatch it and see if it got worse.. and infact it got slighly bigger over the next couple of days so what i did was i took some ibuprofen recomended by a friend to see if it helped. slowly after taking the normal daily allowence of ibuprofen i saw a diference in it as it reduced in size (the lump origonally was no more then 1inch by 0.5 inch and still does not stand out from my neck and can only be foudn by touchign it..)

The lump had caused me no pain uptill this point until this saturaday, then i began to feel an akeing in that patt of my neck (probably because id stoped taking the ibuprofen coz i was concirned that i was taking it alot). and the akeing did not always affect me, infact normlaly during the day id feel fine until the evening or when driving for more than short distances. The akeing then began to move accross the back of my neck and partly on top of my shoulders andi foudn i coudl "crack" my neck (if u understand what i mean by that, not litrally) somtimes by moving it in a full circle motion (not always only somtimes)...

today one week on i decided to try to book in with my gp, however there isn o bookigns for a week, again this lump does not bother me 90% of the time and when it does it is not a pain its more of an akeing minor at best but somwhat annoying, normally by placing both hands on back of my neck and pushing agenst it it relieved this ake temporelly..

i am confused and concirned about what this can be, and ask for your help, i am 18 years of age (just turned) and im not overweight, non smoker/drinker...


thanksi n advance


my concirne ids with the lump itself, being small and not visable unless u touch it or i tilt my head to the left (and ive pointed it out).

the pain in my neck (the akeing as i describe it) is not solely on the lump but majority of the time i feel it isthe cause...

at first my origonally assumption was that i had pulled it during tennis, but i thoguth if ci had id know about it lal the time not only at times..

so my second assumption is a viral agent of somekind? but i know veyr little, and why dont i feel unwell its just my neck..

one thing i thought ive had to concicdser i have had little time to rest my neck, ive been working most days during the week and the one day i had off i was at home resting but not always in bed normally sat at my comptuer in not the propper wasy (like layingi n my chair relaxing type, but not litrally just leading my head forwards abit while i sit... but sititngl ike this before has never affected me...)

any more information u need let me know..


If you havnt noticed i pasnic alittle about things.

to help reply here is information summerised:

lump - yes
visable- no
size- less than an inch one way by half an inch.
position- follow the bottom of the ear down two inches, then back two inches (approx)
pain- only an akeing at times, normallly no pain
time of knowing lump exists- 7 days
side of neck - my right
been sick? - no
feever -no
headake - no more than normal
additional strass - alittle, just to course work at colege but im on top of it.
rest currently taken - very little, apart from stayinbg in on a night but stlll sat at comptuer not in bed.
other pain - back of neck as if akeing, nothing serious can be relieved by holdingo nto back of neck and pushign agenst it.
family history of illnesse in this department - non from what i know
smoker? - defo no
drinker -no
take drugs - defo no
panicer - yes
additional strain - at work i lift things like washers and dryers if this can cause strain on my neck, howefver i only work two days a week, (apart from this week due to holidays)
age -18 (just turned)
fitness - fair, not fat, 12.4 stone and 6ft high. little belly on me lol..
fears -of nedals and operations (like thats relevant)
personal hygene - averagemaybe slightly below average (hey im a student)
any other problems - actually, on the time i developed this i remember i had an infaction in my mouth, but didnt get it checked out coz it went away, a couple of days before i began with under my tounge to the right side at the back, if i moved my toung it woudl cause pain, and when eating it would also, this was under my toung and was visable in the mirror and pruple and dark as if brused or somthing, this passed within 2days of discovering the lump, the lump remains now for 5 further days.

responces welcome :-) when is it i shoudl really panic, now? i just read one node dosnt mean somthign bad always (which is a relief) and it can take upto three weeks past infaction, is it possibly related to the infaction at the right side of my mouth (same side as lump now)...

thanks again


I managed to see a gp today, and i have a viral infection of two lymph nodes but one isnt as dominant as the other and a tonsal of mine is swolen also..

been told that it should go away on its own within abotu 10 further more days but cant use antibiotics in this case can only take ibuprofen for the symptoms but have been perscribed somthign alittle stronger..

if this helps anyone in similar situation.


yestoday i was feeling alittle sick in my throat.. but nothign to actualy make me sick.. when i was getting washed i noticed that when i swilled out my mouth little what looks like smlal sick was comming out..

this morning a day later i went to get washed and my tounge had a yellow coating, which i brushed off.. is this just apart of the infection.. i am on day 11 now of noticing the lump on my neck.

i presume that this coating is just a way my body is getting rid of the infection.. but wanted to ask advice..


That is so weird! I have a small lump on the right side of my neck also that I noticed about 4 days ago. I was able to get into my doctor and she told me that it might be mono, so I had my blood drawn, and found out that it was not mono but I havent been able to get back into the doctor. It is a pretty small lump, and doesnt hurt, except I sometimes get a little stiff in my neck in the spot where it is. My doctor did put me on antiboitics that is sposta kill viral infections. It is a five day subcription. I am on day 2 of using the meds. and I have gotten two cancor sores (which I hardly ever get normally) just today! I am in good health and only 18 (almost 19) years old too. What state do you live in....they could be a factor. I live in Aberdeen WA. And I have another appoingtment on dec. 1 with my doc.


im 27 years old i have 2 lumps at back of my kneck in the middle of my kneck an at side of it i have a smaller one it only hirts a little when iv been at pc for about 20 mins but the middle one iv got at back of my kneck as been there for about 4 yrs but as well my kneck keeps clicking when i lift my sholders up together or i move my head left an right with out turning it


I got a small lump on my neck just under the right side of my chin I found it in the afternoon.... I dont know what caused it..


i also just noticed a small lump in the middle right side of my neck it sounds EXACTLY like what you all have... what could this be... should i get it checked out??


Same thing here, just noticed it about 15 minutes ago and decided to research it a bit. Its on the right side towards the back, about the middle of the neck, its small (about a centimeter in diameter) its not really visible unless I tilt my head to the left, then you can see it bumped out a bit. Its not causing any pane, just a little discomfort (feels like my neck is a bit swollen, that's how I stumbled upon it). I am just getting over a long period of being sick, I had a some sort of sinus infection or something for about 4 weeks, started in my chest and worked its way up into my sinus/ear areas. I never went to see a doctor about it (although I should have, but going to the doctor scares me and I try to avoid it at all costs)

Anyhow, the sickness went away but now I have this lump and I think It may be related to it in some way. I did have a bad pain in that area of my neck during the last phase of my being sick, it felt like a shock in my neck if I turned my head to fast but it only lasted a day or two. I noticed some of you were talking about it getting a little irritated while you were at your computer, I'm a computer programmer and spend most of my time at the PC, in fact I was just working on a project when I noticed the lump, maybe this has something to do with it?

So I guess I'm gonna have to suck it up and go see a doctor... Maybe I'll give it a day or two to see what happens... I'll try to keep you posted.


I am 15 years old and i have found a lump on my right side of my kneck . . it sounds like what all you lot have found but i am concerned but i dont know if it is anything to serious so i am just going to keep an eye on it and if it gets worse i am going to see my doctor.. but it feels weird and it is hard to forget it is there.
my kneck gets num sometimes but has no sign of pain
we will just have to wait and see if it anything to worry about
lets hope not ! ! !


I have the same problem, too! I noticed that I have a lump on my neck near my chin (it's like a slanted adam's apple!). It's a little between a centimeter to an inch in size. At first I thought it's just a pimple but it's deep beneath the skin so it couldn't be a pimple. It's not protruding and you'll only know that there's a lump when it is touched. It's not painful whenever I move my neck but when you touch it, it aches slightly.

I don't know if it's connected with the weird/uneasy feeling/pain that I'm feeling at the back of my neck (right part, too, a little below the right ear) which started months ago. The pain at the back of my neck makes it hard for me to move my neck in circular motion or from left to right. My dad thinks it's neck strain from staying in front of the computer for hours. He still doesnt know about the lump coz I'm sure he will freak out. I'll wait it out a few more days to see if the lump will decrease in size or disappear before I go see a doctor coz it's expensive and I'm kinda scared of hospitals.:-(

Hope to hear some answers, too.


I have a diagnosed 2.6 cm lump on the left front of my neck, and 2 smaller masses on the right front of my neck. It wasn't until 2 days after I noticed it that it started to feel like a bruise and stiff neck. By one week, the pain had gone away, just tender now to touch. Concerned, I did go to the doctor, have blood work, and an ultrasound. They found that they are goiters. Goiters are caused by a malfunction of the Thyroid Gland. The Thyroid Gland takes the iodine out of the salts that we eat and make the T3 and T4 hormones that control our metabolism. The Thyroid can malfunction in 2 ways: it can overproduce the hormone (hyperthyroid) or it can stop working or just under produce the hormone (hypothyroid). If the gland under produces, then the brain with compensate by overproducing the hormone, thus forming the mass (the thyroid is controlled by the pituitary gland, which is controlled by the hypothalamus in the brain). Once diagnosed, if your metabolism is affected (drastic weight loss or gain, etc) then medication will normalize your gland.

This is what my diagnosis was. We ruled out cancer, because the ultrasound showed solid, not spidery, masses and some other details that I can not recall.

Many times, small masses are also ingrown hair folicals, grease pockets, or just fluid that has built up in one area.

If you are concerned, it is best to get it checked out---you can never know.

I work with chemicals in a lab and we traced my flare-up, or trigger for the masses to my accidental inhalation of one of the vapors a month ago.

Hope that this is helpful...don't be afraid to search the internet...there are many helpful free sites available if you just search.

Once again, this was my diagnosis. Many people have masses collect then go away...and the best advice is to have a medical professional just check it out. You would hate to look back and say, I should have checked this early.

Best of luck!


i've just noticed a ball in my nike as well but it seems to be different to all of you guys, it's at the front (still on the right) but quite near the centre . it itches quite a bit and if i press it the it hurts. any ideas or could it be the same thing?


Hi I am 23 Years old and i have just fond a lump on the right side of my neek as well, its veary small and is under my skin, i dont have health care so im not shoure what to do!