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Pubertal Penis Growth

Male puberty tends to begin between the ages of 10 and 14, and penile or penis growth will follow soon after. The penis first lengthens and then becomes wider, while the testicles also grow. Penis growth may be complete by age 13, or may not be finished until age 18 or even later.

During the pubertal process, you will also notice more frequent erections that sometimes come on at random times. Around one year after a male’s testicles begin to grow, the first ejaculation will occur. This may happen as a result of masturbation or during a so-called wet dream. From that point onward, you are considered fertile.

We have to emphasize that every guy develops individually, to his own time table.

 “Locker-room comparisons” will not get you very far; the state of your penis right now does not necessarily have any bearing on its size in the future. Comparing your own penis size to that of adult actors is even worse — these guys are chosen for their large “packages”, and might also be surgically augmented or even using fake penises.

Adult Penis Size: What Is Normal?

Penis size: penile length and girth are great sources of anxiety for many men. What is normal, you may wonder?

  • The normal length of a flaccid adult penis is between 7.6 and 13 centimeters, while its circumference may range from 8.5 cm to 10.5 centimeters.

  • The normal length of an erect adult penis is between 12.7and 17.7 centimeters, and its circumference can range from 11.3 to 13.0 centimeters.

Most guys who are convinced that they have an unusually small penis actually fall squarely within this normal range, research has found. Should this apply to you and you seek penis enlargement, you will most likely be told that your penis is completely normal. Your doctor may even suggest psychotherapy to help you deal with the erroneous idea that your penis is smaller than usual.

Penile Enlargement Techniques

Should your penis really have an unusually small appearance, several procedures may help you. These are the procedures that have shown the most satisfactory results coupled with the lowest rate of complications:

  • In men who have larger amounts of abdominal fat, a pelvopubic liposuction procedure may appear to lengthen the size of the penis, as it will no longer partially be covered by abdominal fat after this liposuction procedure.

  • A suspensory ligament dissection can improve the angle at which the penis enters the vagina, as well as slightly adding to its length. This procedure is followed up with penile stretching exercises to consolidate the length gains.

  • A skin flap operation that co-opts the part of the penis that is normally hidden inside the body into its visible portion will, likewise, offer the appearance of a larger penis.

  • Hyaluronic acid (soft tissue filler) injections also hold promise. These augment the circumference of the penis, carry only a minor risk of complications, and generally result in great patient satisfaction.

Does The Penis Shrink With Age?

As a man’s testosterone levels and blood flow decrease once he enters middle age, the penis does gradually decrease in size a little, along with the testicles. This slight decrease in size can appear to be exacerbated in men who have gained abdominal weight over the course of their lives.

Eating well, not drinking too much alcohol, not smoking, maintaining healthy sleep-wake patterns and keeping stress levels to a minimum will all contribute to optimal sexual function beyond middle age.

Masturbation And Penis Size

Because SteadyHealth readers ask this question quite a bit, we'll finally also note that masturbation — like sexual intercourse with a partner — does not either permanently increase or decrease the size of the penis. Men who engage in extremely frequent sexual acts may find, however, that they become over-stimulated and find it hard to achieve or maintain an erection for a while. In this case, taking a break is advised. 

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