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im 17, work full time and live with my mother, i think i may be preganant and thats fantastic but im worried about what other people think of young mothers. i dont beleve in abortions, if i am i am! but would you judge a young mother? any one who has expirienced this please inform me about your expiriences

(and yes i know its going to be hard work, no thankyous and stress outta this world but where human and thats what we are here for!)


I do not look down on young mothers if they are truly doing a good job, not being abusive/negelctful, and they can afford to have children.

I personally chose abortion, but that doesn't eman I expect everyone to do the same!

IF you feel like you are ready and can handle it, then go for it.


I was 17 when my first daughter was born (She is now 14 and has a 9 yr old sister, and a new sibling due in August). Throughout the years I have been discriminated against, had people fascinated by it, some repulsed, others confused, but far more who cheered me on. It has been hard, and while I finished High School I was unfortunately unable to attend college (working 2-3 jobs will do that). I also did not have the best of support systems back then, I do now.

Having a child at your age is hard work, and unless you have an excellent support system a job that is already rewarding but difficult sometimes seems impossible. Having family who is going to be there no matter what, is extremely important. However, don't expect too keep too many of your current friends. As they are planning for teenage and young adult things, you will be occupied with those and a baby/child.

Who will be babysitting while you work? Who will be babysitting while you are in school? How does the father's family feel? Will they be any support at least emotionally? Is your mother going to be there for you? Is she going to let you to continue to live with her? How is your job going to suffer from you having to deal with not only pregnancy and birth, but when that child gets ill?

There are so many factors to think about that I cannot even begin to cover them, and to be honest I wouldn't wish anyone to be a teenage mother after having already been there. It kills me when I see teenagers who -want- to have babies and I know the long road ahead of them.

Remember, not everyone is "financially ready" for a child when a child first arrives. For many couples they aren't "financially" set till after their children are grown, finished with college, and out of the house. Financial stability comes with time, and for some people it might never come, however thankfully we live in America and the government (nor any other human being) has a right to deny us the right to procreate because we don't have money put in the bank to be saved.