I've read so many articles about mothers leaving their children, mothers who lack maternal instinct, women who never wanted children to begin with, the scars suffered by children who didn't grow up with a mother for whatever reason, social gender programming and expectations, and the rising occurrence of women who leave their children or give up custody to the father. As a teenager, I knew I didn't want children; that it wasn't right for me. I never played with baby dolls as a kid. I never oohed and ahhed over babies that I encountered. However, here I am, a mother of two boys, ages 12 and 10. Most people would ask, "Then why did you have kids"? The answer to that is multifaceted; my partner has sexual needs, I have sexual needs, sh*t happens, I have a respect for life, people make mistakes, I had unrealistic expectations, and I foolishly hoped it would work out, and women are denied the ability to have themselves fixed unless there is a medical danger or they already have at least two children. I've never read or encountered anywhere in any form, that simplely by allowing young women full rights to their bodies, the right to choose to have their tubes tied, many of these personal problems and social issues can be eliminated almost entirely. When I was less than 16 years old, I wished I could have my tubes tied. Supposedly, the denial is in place to keep young women from making a big mistake, if they should wish in the future to have children. Ask yourself what's more costly, individually and socially, having all these unhappy mothers and unwanted children, or the cost of reversing a tubal? It screams of gender injustice and ignoring a simple and logical solution to so many issues our society faces.