Bulimia is perceived as being almost a "Rite of Passage" for teenage and young adults. However, many middle aged women are also caught up in this obscessive weight (binge-purge) disorder. 

Many middle aged women have even more stress than teens and young adult women. They have lost family members, encountered financial burdens,lost friends, and perhaps just in general are in need of controling something in their seemingly ,"Out of Control" lives. So many middle aged women, and older may regress from a time earlier when they used this as a coping method for stress reduction, as well as weight control method. 

It's become more of a stereotype that only these young women are affected by bulimia, and other eating disorders as well. Older women may also be able to afford to do more damage to themselves; they can purchase more food at places like Cosco , in bulk. No one even questions why they are loading up on crates of eggs, and oodles of pasta,chocolate,nuts,deli goodies,etc. 

It has probably become even more prevalent as a psychological disorder among middle aged and older women now. 

They probably need to do more research to back up this hypothesis, or hunch. However, all one has to do is take a look around and pay attention to what middle aged women are buying at the store. 

Most of their kids are grown up, and surely they aren't buying all that stuff for their grandchildren, or are they?