Recent research determined that women who have lumps in their breasts rely on radiologists to read mammograms findings accurately but it seems that those readings aren’t always accurate. Some of the earlier studies found variation in the quality of screening mammograms but this new study found that some women who discover lump in their breasts end up with false results and sometimes even missed diagnosis.

During the research on mammograms, group of scientists found that ability to detect cancer accurately ranged from about 25% to 100% and that false positive results ranged from 0 to 16%. It seems that on average 20% of breast cancer were not detected and about 5% of women was sent to biopsy even though they didn’t have breast cancer. Researchers expected that diagnostic mammograms would be more accurate than screening mammograms since those are the one that are performed on women whose initial mammograms led to concern about their breast health.

Scientist are very concerned about this issue and advise women to take diagnostic exams at centers with breast imaging experts because it’s in their best interests.