Liver damage and other problems women in their late teens and early 20s are experiencing from alcohol abuse could have been reported only in the 60 and 70 year-olds some years ago. Not only that it causes liver damage, but alcohol also makes you more open to stomach ulcers, damage to the esophagus and damage to the brain.

A study done on alcohol consumption and its negative effects included 12 European countries in 2004 and 2005. The study showed that nowhere else but in Britain women are taking over the prevalence of heavy drinking. The results pointed out that the number of women drinking liquor has increased and surpassed men of the same age.
If this kind of trend continues, women in Britain are facing liver disease before they enter their twenties.

The British health experts are worried that if women continued to act this way, could become a major burden for the health service in the future.

Women used to be more careful about their drinking habits in the past. They feared both physical safety and social status, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore.