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Another research has been done to show us things are differently perceived by males and females. The main topic was revenge, which showed that men are far more vindictive than women are. It is still not understood if males and females were born with these differences or if the differences were created by social experiences.

An experiment was set up with 32 people playing a game, in which certain characters cheated and received electric shocks as punishments, while others were monitored for their responses.

In both males and females, the same part of the brain was activated, when they watched someone in pain. However, the parts of the brain that were related to satisfaction of revenge were not activated in females while the males had a high jump in the brain’s reward area. The more they wanted revenge, the stronger were the activations of these brain parts.

This new finding about the men’s need for revenge is considered to have played a major role in evolution of society, as most people in a group were motivated to punish those who cheated on the rest.

This also means that people want to protect one another against those who try to cheat on them, men being those who maintained justice and issued punishment.

These differences were interpreted as stereotypical differences between men and women.
The results showed what it has been known long ago. "Men are more likely to be vengeful and to feel physically aggressive while women talked things through.”


scentific study pah!

This proves nothing.
So the men wanted revenge, did they try and take it?
Sounds like the women were so cold they just new they'd kill their tormentors with an ice pick.

Why is it that it appears to me that vindictive is a word that is naturally associated more towards women than men.

Everywhere the question arises, the majority of the "vindictive" question arises around women.

I remember having this conversation with friends at school and all the girls and all the boys agreed that on the whole, girls were more vindictive than the boys, that was noted by the age of 12.


spoken like a biased women would. Men move on, women seek to harm and harm and harm for reasons they often cause themselves, largely because women refuse to take responsibility for their actions. I'm not guilty, I'm a women! Some women are all right, but be careful, besides all this togetherness is like pouring gas onto a fire, it ignites into uncontrollable confusion and simply shouldn't be done. A man likes the look of a woman, a woman likes the look of a man, wild, we love it, they make love, wild again, but it's time they went their separate ways but if it's an ongoing attraction, let the good times roll, but one day, probably they will end and that's when a lot of women get vindictive, men need to move on, tired of the sameness, they need variety but they also need guy friends to talk guy talk and do guy things, which a lot of women resent. Tough, if they're smart, which some women are, they'll encourage such relationships, and they attraction thing may last for a life time. Cut a guy out from seeing his male friends and everything collapses, it's like a guy gets his dose of maleness, and welcomes the woman he's attracted to. Her problem is ego, thinking, "If he really love me he'd want to be around me all the time.." Purely against nature, but too many women feel any desire to be with the guys is an insult and then everything starts to collapse, it's time for the guy to distance himself from such a woman, unfortunately, most women are like that. Women blame everything except themselves for what happens and then they start talking trash and believing every negative word. All ends then and not well.


That is a flawed study if I ever saw one. For example, it says, "However, the parts of the brain that were related to satisfaction of revenge were not activated in females while the males had a high jump in the brain’s reward area" Maybe men are more easily satisfied with token measures of revenge while women demand bigger payback. I'm not saying that's true, but it's just one example of how flawed this study is.