Neonatal deaths have been hard to prevent but new studies are providing more and more information about proper nutrition in pregnancy and other cost-effective interventions that can save newborn lives in developing countries.

The latest study done on the topic in New Delhi determines that undernourished women who receive multivitamins may decrease chances of newborns' low birth weight and sudden infant death syndrome.

The study showed that taking vitamin and mineral supplements in pregnancy may be effective than iron and folic acid supplements alone in increasing birth weight and lowering infant deaths.

Lack of vitamins and minerals as well as anemia are affecting more than 50% of pregnant ladies in India causing low birth weights, which represent major causes of newborn deaths. Low birth weight also carries a risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke or high blood pressure later in adulthood.

Health experts are urging further evaluation of supplementation impacts in pregnancy on neonatal death and disability related to size at birth in deprived populations.