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Buying the clothes that your baby will need, choosing a stroller, a baby carrier, a crib... These are some of the most enjoyable things on any expectant mom's to-do list.

There is nothing sweeter than newborn baby outfits I think that all pregnant women and mothers can agree on that! Pregnancy comes with a lot of excitement, and a lot of joy. Buying the clothes that your baby will need, choosing a stroller, a baby carrier, a crib... These are some of the most enjoyable things on any expectant mom's to-do list. Still, baby shopping can be hard, because there is such a wide range of available items, and navigating through the baby store is quite the challenge.

For first-time parents, knowing what they need and what they don't is by no means an easy task. So when you are shopping for your baby, what do you need?

Baby shopping is highly individual. Items that some parents could not live without are completely useless to others. The items you need depend on your lifestyle and parenting philosophy. At the same time, there are some products that everyone benefits from. Today, we will stick to those and discuss the essentials. Of course, we'll tell you why we think you need the items we recommend, speaking from personal experience. Keep in mind that you will probably also receive tons of baby shower gifts!


Every baby needs clothes, but what should you buy, and how many do you need? Should you buy one-piece outfits, pants with socks included, or onesies? Or would you prefer the "little adult" clothes that populate the stores these days? Well, that is a personal choice. What some parents find practical does not work for others at all. But as a rule, I'd like to say that having around 14 complete outfits is the right number. That is because you want to be able to go through several changes of clothes in a day, if your baby vomits, you leak breast milk on them, or they have a diaper explosion. Newborns are really quite clean on the whole, and might be able to wear the same outfit all day long and even several days. But just in case, I would say that you do need this many outfits. Apart from that, you will also need a winter coat or two your baby is born in the winter. And buying several sizes at once, both because you can't be sure what size your baby will be at birth, and because they grow so quickly, is also a good idea.

For on the road

Most parents buy strollers for their newborns. If you have a car, you will also need an infant car seat. Personally I am a fan of travel systems that include a stroller and a car seat, and sometimes also a bassinet that attaches to the stroller. One thing that really saved me when I had newborns was a baby carrier. There are many different types, from soft structured carriers to mei tais and ring slings. Your pregnancy is the right time to start investigating which one you think you'd like.

A place to sleep

This can be a classic crib, a cosleeper, or a moses basket. Cribs have the advantage that they can last your baby for a couple of years, while a moses basket is small ande cosy, and makes your baby feel safe. A cosleeper allows mom easy access to the baby when they wake up during the night, and is a wonderful way to keep babies and parents close. Of course, regardless of your choice, you will also need sheets, blankets, or sleeping bags. A duvet is not recommended for an infant due to SIDS risk, and pillows are not good for newborns either. There you are - we have already covered the basics! If you have the things on this list, you are basically good to go. It is also a good idea to buy diapers in advance, regardless of whether you are going to use disposable or cloth diapers. For mom, breast pads and nursing bras are very handy while breastfeeding. If you are formula feeding, in which case you will need bottles and formula, obviously.

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