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I really didn't want to ask this question, but I am horrifically paranoid when it comes to this.
Towards either the end of November or the beginning of December, my girlfriend and I had sex. The condom slipped off and I ejaculated in her. About 3 hours later, she took plan b, as instructed.

Her period then came about 2 weeks after taking the pill, though a few days later than she is scheduled. Other than that, her period was as it normally is. Everything was normal, she didn't experience strange symptoms or anything of the sort, up until today, in which she had experienced light spotting, which is 2 weeks earlier than her usual period.
So, my question stands. Is it possible my girlfriend is pregnant even though she already had her period?
Thanks for any help.


The Plan B pill screws up the cycle of your period.  It may take a while for your body to regulate back to the normal cycle.  It is very unlikely that she is pregnant but I would take a HPT just to make sure, because anything is possible.  Best of luck.