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Does a woman or girl you know prefer to pee standing up "like a man", and are you wondering what's causing this phenomenon that isn't seamlessly supported by her anatomy? Let's take a look at possible reasons a female might pee standing up — as well as ways in which girls and women can more comfortably stand to pee. 

Why Might Female Pee Standing Up?

I was a bit of a tomboy as a little girl, and have a distinct (now probably not politically correct!) memory of having competitions to see who could pee the farthest with some boys I was friends with. I never won, but did quite well nonetheless. It seemed quite unfair to me that boys could do all that without even having to take their pants off, at the time!

I can easily see a little girl developing a habit of standing to pee and then keeping it later on, though it is, most likely (I can't find any research to confirm this) quite unusual. And there's reason number one for standing to pee as a female — because she can do it without making a mess and finds it rather convenient

What is indeed familiar to many women is the experience of needing to use a public restroom but it being so icky we really don't want to sit down on it. (In such moments, we might wish we had "squatter" toilets like those you often find in Japan, so your parts don't have to touch the toilet in any way!) The result is a half-stand, half-sit, squat, so in a way, everyone to whom this rings a bell has stood to pee in a way. Outdoorsy females who have had to hide behind the bushes to squat on a hiking trip will likewise recognize the experience. The reasons can be summed up as either necessity or germophobia

Wouldn't it, honestly, be easier if we could just stand up to pee? Those who have mastered the act without wetting themselves are to be envied rather than seen as weird!

For the rest of us, there are indeed stand-to-pee devices. I had one called a P-style once, a plastic tube-like thing that made the process easier after practicing a few times. Many more are on the market, though, all working slightly differently. Some are brightly colored, others actually resemble a male organ. 

Could Standing To Pee Be A Sign Someone Is Transgender?

Another thought that occurred to me is that a biological female standing to pee can, sometimes, be a sign that they are transgender — I have a trans friend who stood to pee long before he came out as a "he". (He now uses a more anatomically correct "stand-to-pee device".) Parents whose daughters consistently stand to pee alongside having other masculine ways of expressing themselves may want to explore this possibility in more detail. 

The Bottom Line

Asking a woman or girl why she stands to pee might be in the no-no zone, right alongside "How much money do you make?" or "Have you ever achieved a G-spot orgasm?", but ultimately, the only way to find out why any individual female stands to pee is by doing just that. 

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