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Two Saturdays ago on March 5th, I had protected sex with a condom but there was some leakage. Even though it was a few days before I was supposed to start my period and I was most likely not ovulating, I took Plan B One Step within 2 hours of the incident.

8 days later I got my period (I was about 5 days late because of the Plan B), which lasted 8 days. It was very heavy. It ended this past Monday, March 21st.

I know since I got my period I was not pregnant AT THE TIME, but is it possible for a fertilized egg (from that one incident only) to have implanted AFTER my period stopped, meaning sometime this week? I have not had sex since then.

Also, I am planning on taking a pregnancy test, First Response Early Result, on Saturday or Sunday, so 21 or 22 days after the incident. Would the results be accurate by then?

I know the odds are extremely slim that I'm pregnant but I am seriously losing weight because of all of the stress. Someone please reassure me on this.

What are my odds for pregnancy? Thank you in advance.



The odds are extremely low that you are pregnant. If it was more than 48 hours past when you ovulate the egg would not be viable. The Plan B is very effective, and if you were pregnant you don't usually have a period.

It is not likely that there would have been any fertilized egg to implant after your period stopped.

I don't think you need to worry.

You can test when your period is due. Testing early will most likely result in a negative.