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Hi there-

Ok so here's the deal. I am honestly freaking out because I know I made a really bad judgement call. The first day of my last period was on February 2. I am usually very regular within 28 to 35 days. On Sunday February 20 at like 10:45am I had sex for the first time, it was unprotected (I know I know I know, I'd really like to punish myself for the stupid.) it didn't last for long and he didn't cum, but I know the risk of precum getting you pregnant is there. Then on Monday after work at like 6pm I decided I should take a Plan B, or Next Choice was the one that I bought. Then on Friday the 25th and the 26th I had sex again with a condom both times. FYI I'm not on birth control at all.

Do plan b's usually work?

My period normally wouldn't start till March 2th or 4th, it didn't come early like I'm seeing some people say it has for them. So should I be freaking out if it doesn't come by the 4th?

I have taken two pregnancy tests in the last week and they both said NEGATIVE. Should I be worried?

I have a doctors apt, but not till March 22nd that is the soonest apt I could get to get set up with birth control.

I'm scared and not scared and worried and freaking out. Any advice?


You are wise to be investigating birth control.
Yes, pre-cum and unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy.
However, the Plan B hormones that you may have taken can play with the timing of your period.
The fact that you've had two negative results from EPT tests would make me think that you are alright for now.
But do bring up your concerns at your doctor's appointments.