My last period ended on September 7th, 2010. It is now October 19th, 2010 and I have yet to receive my period this month. I'm nineteen years old as of September. My cycles are usually 24 days, as of about February when I started counting them. I'm not on birth control and I am sexually active, but we always use condoms. In August we had a bit of a mishap where his condom slipped off during sex. The next morning we got Plan B from the pharmacy and I took it. My period was expected in a week on August 27th (My last one had ended on August 3rd) but it didn't come until exactly a week after it's due date on September 3rd. It wasn't just spotting it was a very heavy period. It ended 5 days later like usual. I've had sex since then but always with condoms and nothing has happened to make me suspect that it could have caused pregnancy. I'm not sure if Plan B has to do anything with it? It has been 42 days since my last period, I have taken a home pregnancy test with the result coming back a clear negative. I have a normal amount of discharge and often I get a small sensation of cramps in my stomach. But it never lasts long. I am a healthy weight but I haven't been very active since my last period, spending a lot of time at home because I lost my job and my boyfriend moved for University. Can anybody help?