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So I was taking birth control for about two months. I decided to take it over my period because I was on vacation over the 1st to the 5th ish... I'm not exactly sure. Then, I missed a pill around the 8th I guess, but took it at night, then got spotting for the next week. It started to decrease around the 14th, but then I was an id**t and missed another on about the 15-16th so decided to go off the pills for the next month. I got my period again and it lasted to maybe the 17th. (These all really haphazard dates).

Then on the 18th the condom broke while I was having sex, and we went strait to get plan B.

It's Oct 12th today (more than 21 days after the 17th which was when I was ending my last period) and I haven't gotten my period yet.

Last week I had increased cloudy mucus, then stringy stuff like egg whites a few days later, which apparently means you are ovulating... But you never really know with a woman's body. Should I be scared? How often do women miss their periods after taking plan B? I thought felt cramps when I was getting the stringy stuff, but they usually come a week before my period and I am not feeling them now.

Please help!


Even if you had not taken Plan B (not a recommendation, just observation), you would have had the condom break on the first day of your next cycle, as far removed from ovulation (approx middle of cycle) as possible, so already low risk.

Taking Plan B basically reduces that risk to all of nothing, since it claims success in 7 out of 8 cases.

You're already at a very low risk, but someone does win the lottery, so low risk isn't no risk. You're also barely at the point - as I understand it - of expecting your next period.

Plan B is a powerful dose of hormone, so check the manufacturer's website for side effects, but yes that is going to be disruptive to your system.

Bottom line: you've done everything you reasonably could, you're at a very low risk of pregnancy, and you're barely into the timing of your next period, even without Plan B.

Not quite nothing to worry about, more nothing to be done, now, but wait. You've done the exams, you've done everything you could.

At around the time of your missed period -varying by product - you can take a home pregnancy test, go see a doctor, or clinic.

You haven't been irresponsible, but nature would very much like you to continue the human race. Nothing faulty: just life.

Take the test, and if you're still concerned, go see a doctor, but this is as low risk as it can get, without avoiding intercourse altogether.