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Halloween is the "kickoff to diet killer season." Don't let the holidays wreck all the hard work you did for your best summer body. Use these diet, motivation, and workout tips to help you stay on track. Your New Year's resolution won't be weight loss!

Halloween is what I have coined “the kick-off of diet killer season.” Poor eating and food overload begins in October on Halloween, then comes Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve. You attend parties that involve a plethora of junk food: punch, cookies, rich cakes and pies, candy, pizza, adult beverages, breads, diet killers everywhere you turn. That summer body you worked so hard for takes a beating. Before you know it, you are right back where you started – Square 1.

Just because over-eating and sugar have always been holiday traditions doesn’t mean you can't break the traditions. Make some changes in your household. This is the most important time of the year to stay motivated and on track with your diet, exercise, and motivation.

Diet Tips

#1 – Healthy Holiday Feasts

The holidays are no excuse to blow your diet and all the hard work you have put in for the past few months. Plan ahead so you can prepare tasty, health-conscious dishes. Search Pinterest and create a new healthy holiday food board.

Make the recipes for your immediate family ahead of time to find the crowd pleasers.

Then plan to treat your holiday guests to a well-though-out, three course meal and serve it that way so no one is on to your healthy (evil) plan.

1. Begin with filler food – a scrumptious green salad and a refreshing, minty green tea. Fill their bellies with some fiber first.

2. Next is the main entrée – Turkey is always a healthy choice, but find a healthier stuffing recipe. Serve fancy greens like asparagus and limit breads.

3. Finally the dessert - There are tons of healthy(ier) options out there. If you don’t tell anyone dessert is made with Stevia, they will probably never know nor complain.

#2 – You Are Not Going To Hibernate; You Are Not A Grizzly

We tend to eat larger meals and more comforting “fatty” foods when the weather gets cold. This is a meal plan for bears before they nap for the winter. You are not a grizzly bear! You do not need to store additional fat for the winter.

Stick with smaller meals throughout your day and make the healthy choices. You have layers of clothes to keep you warm. Who needs the fat???

#3 – Brew Healthy Teas

Tea can warm the heart and soul during the fall. Find new flavors and drink up. Tea is full of antioxidants which are great for you. Added bonus: you’ll be less inclined to pour in creamer and other additives.

If you become a tea connoisseur, you might learn the art of brewing tea and love it for its natural flavor, unhindered by sweeteners. Might I suggest Darjeeling tea – the champagne of teas!

Motivation Tips

#4 - Try Laser-Lipo Or Cool-Scultping To Kick Start Fat Loss For Some Motivation

Body sculpting using the latest technology is all the rage!

You may think you can’t afford cool-body sculpting or laser liposuction, non-invasive and painless ways to rid your body of fat, but have you checked Groupon lately? You can purchase sessions for rather cheap. It could be your Christmas present!

Give your body a jump-start. Then you have one more reason to diet and exercise! You just invested in body sculpting, and spending money equals ownership. Own it! Get to the gym to keep those fat cells screamsing.

#5 - Refuse To Buy New, Larger “Comfee” Clothes

My at home coach, aka my husband, has recommended that I not purchase new larger clothing or purchase one-piece swim suits because that makes it easier to put on weight, hide it, and ignore the problem.

At first I was upset about his advice, and then it made perfect sense. The message is to strive to stay the same size and not let weight creep up on you. If you are uncomfortable in your clothes, it is better to diet back down by being conscientious about what you are eating. It may also be a sign to ramp up your cardio.

Use your current clothing as motivation.

#6 – Bribe Yourself

Have you been eyeing new gym gear, maybe something that you think is a bit pricy, so you haven’t bought it? It could be new Nikes or wearable technology or just new tights.

Whatever it is, make a deal with yourself. Set a weekly or monthly goal. If you attain it, your new gear will be your “treat” for being so good. Don’t use food as a reward. Buy yourself something nice that will also encourage more gym visits.

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