Hi, I really need some input here after reading all of your posts. I take 100mg of topamax daily for Migraines. I also take 300 mg of Wellbutrin for anxiety, nerves etc. I really feel like the Wellbutrin doess nothing! The Dr. put me on effexor and for one week in the past two years I have never felt better, but I cannot take it. It caused me to have a major psoriasis outbreak, I could not use the bathroom and my blood pressure was slightly elevated. But I really want to feel good again, the best thing about it was that it took away my migraines!!! No more imitrex, loratab, tylenol 3 and the other med I bounce around to help with the miagraines.

Ok, so the Dr. suggested Cymbalta, well after reading the post? I really do not want to try it, but I really need something comparable to effexor to make me feel better, no pain = smile and that=me not yelling at my kids for no reason. I tried Lexapro in the past but the combination of the lex and the topamax made me a zombie. Please help, if you have any suggestions. Thank you. %-)