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how can i order trimbia pills and i am in australia beside online due to no credit card.

please help me. thank you


Hi! I have been going through these forums for all possible info on trimbia diet pills and there are three addresses available for ordering. One is in the USA, 2nd in Sweden and 3rd in Singapore. I will write you all addresses, so that you can decide which to use.

Have you had any previous experience with trimbia? What made you decide to try out these pills? I am still thinking about them! I read so much about these pills on this forum that I can’t make up my mind! Anyway, keep us posted with your results once you receive the pills! Thx

Here are the addresses:


Institiut Trimbia
Long Life Consumer SA
280 Madison Ave.
New York, USA.


Box U 325.
202 29 Malmö


Institute Trimbia (Ref: TR/AU)
c/o International Fulfilment Services PTe Ltd
Singapore Post Centre Post Office P.O. Box 597
Singapore 914020


:-D Hello my name is Geeta and i am living in Holland and i hope that someone can give me the adres and the email. Because i want to lose 10 kilo please help me. Thank you

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Hi! I have never run into an address for Trimbia in Holland and neither did the Dutch talk about this product being advertised in your country.

Where did you learn about these pills?

If you are really interested in getting these pills, you may try to contact one of the address above. I would advise you to contact this in Sweden, as it seems the closest to your country.

Let us know what you did! Thanx


I live in Australia. I ordered and received some trimbia tablets three weeks ago. I have used them according to instructions and have not lost any weight, in fact I have put on 1-2 kgs. This is despite a good diet; ? due to trimbia. i have requested a refund as promised in the original flyer. Will keep you informed if refund comes. I feel it is a scam and the tablets do not work. Thank you for listening. lta


Hi Ita! Thanks for posting and letting us know about your experience with trimbia.
Please, do let us know how it turned out with your refund request! Good luck!


Hi there Catherine,

My name is Skye I am from victoria Australia and just received a flyer in the mail last week for trimbia the address for it here in Australia is

Institute Trimbia

c/o International Fulfilment Services PTY LTD

P.O. BOX 597




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Yeah, just let us know if you got your money back. I'm just curious


do not order them plz i did i sent my $80au recieved them and have been drinking them since the day i got them. they are not working i done what the said 3weeks and still nothing . so i decided to try and get my money back but i cant find a website all i find now is how its a scam i feel so dumb dont be scammed like i was .



I got the flyer in the mail yesterday, I'm glad I checked on line first.

Did anyone notice on the flyer ,that instead of Putting DR. paul Morgan it only has D.

This can't be legal. at the very least it's false advertising.

I was more worried about ordering something from overseas incase it contained a prohibited substances. with all these border security shows now on TV I wanted to make sure I wasn't doing anything ilegal.

can't someone in Austraila get ch 9- ACA to cheeck out and expose this scam.

I had received something like this flyer about a year ago, I sent it off requesting my "Free Trial Sample" but didn't send any money. a few weeks later I got an international call requesting I give them a credit card number. I of course said, No, That I wanted my free sample as promised first on the advertisiment , the lady hung up on me, and I never got my free sample. I'm very werry of companies that advertise products but don't have a web site or customer care phone number that I can ring first to find out more about a product.

go to the link below to check out the official findings


Yes, absolutely I noticed that it was only "D. Paul Morgan" not Dr if he is even a doctor. It says he is only a slimming consultant so what does the D stand for ??? David?? Derwin?? Drongo??
The 30 day trial is way sus too. It says on the order form "if you are not totally and 100% delighted at the end of 30 days" blah blah blah" guarentee to refund me the total amount" yet on the flyer it says
"if you are not entirely satisfied" blah blah " need to send your requiest with in 30 days".
Also, if you see the other post on here with the list of ingredients it is simply herbs n sweetenes mixed in a bath bomb!
Safer to go to the healthfood shop get some brindle berry, licorice and papaya! Will do the same thing, be cheaper, more trust worthy source and you dont have to be warey of importing illegal or dangerous substances!

And did you check out the "certificate" behind the "trophy"
Does anyone read Brazilian?
The signature has obviously been placed there!

Has anyone lost weight on these pills?? If so have they lost what they claim you can lose. If you havent lost that much and are not"100% delighted" then did you ask for a full refund??
Love to hear some experiences of those who actually bought and used this product.