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The US weight loss industry has a revenue of an estimated $2 billion each year. If you would like to lose weight and are in the market for commercial weight loss products — whether they are books, videos, weight loss pills, or anything else — you won't have any trouble finding those. The real question, however, soon becomes: "Which weight loss products are really worth the money?" It is a question that is incredibly hard to answer. 

What Is The Michael Thurmond 6-Day Body Makeover?

Michael Thurmond is a weight loss expert who prefers to call himself a "master body sculptor". He has written several books, and has featured in many newspapers and on TV shows, most notably on Extreme Makeover

Thurmond believes that the answer to weight loss lies in eating healthy and balanced meals frequently, in small quantities. He believes that a weight loss program needs to be tailored to the individual's body type in order to achieve success. 

The 6-Day Body Makeover program promises to help you drop a dress size in six days, and to help you keep it off over the longer term. Before you can start the program, you will first need to identify yourself as one of five different body types. Meal plans are offered for each individual body type, however, the overall philosophy is the same for each. Dieters do not consume any diet pills, but are encouraged to engage in low- to moderate-intensity exercise, including taking brisk walks, five days a week. 

Like any fast weight loss diet, the 6-Day Body Makeover program relies on fairly extreme calorie restriction — no more than 1200 calories a day. Unlike some dangerous crash diets, however, Michael Thurmond's program relies on real and healthy foods. The diet is a low-carb, high-protein diet in which processed foods including ketchup and mayonnaise have no place. By the end of the diet, Thurmond believes, you should be able to have dropped a dress size and walk out with a speedier metabolism. 

Is The Michael Thurmond 6-Day Body Makeover Diet A Scam? 

We've noticed that plenty of people are discussing Thurmond's Body Makeover program as a scam all over the web, though they may actually be quite hard to find in a bigger sea of positive reviews of the program. So, this this diet program a scam? We'll first have to define scam. The best definition of the word "scam" is, in my book, the intentional peddling of a product or service about which the seller knows full well that it doesn't work, or which has scientifically been disproved. A high level of dishonesty has to be involved for something to be called a scam. 

Michael Thurmond's program does not meet the criteria. Rather, his Body Makeover is a pretty sane diet as far as quick weight loss programs go, one that is nutritionally responsible for people who genuinely need to lose weight. Will everyone achieve the results Thurmond claims they can? Of course not. No weight loss program is fool proof, and all bodies work slightly differently. If you follow the diet to the letter, you will indeed lose weight, but we cannot say exactly how much. Thurmond's program is most certainly not a scam, however, and it may in fact be the program that helps you achieve the weight loss you are aiming for.

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