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Please advise side effects if any and if it can be used in conjuction with HRT and blood pressure medication.


I don’t think it is possible for us to know these side effects as we are still gathering basic information about trimbia pills. Some of the ingredients used in the pills are: “baking agent, sodium bicarbonate, sweetening, sorbitol, souring agent, citric acid, natural lemon flavour, anti caking agent. silicium, stabilizing agent, sucrose ester, sweetening saccharin, loading agent, polyvinylpyrolidone, citrus aurantium, citrus limonium, citrus grandis, carica papaya, garcinia cambodgia, glycyrhizza glabra”.

None of the people reported side effects from these pills only that they worked or that they didn’t. Knowing these ingredients, you may decide to talk to your doctors about the possible side effects or if it would be good for you to use them although I think that you may need a change in your diet rather than the pills.



I got the flyer in the mail yesterday, I'm glad I checked on line first.

Did anyone notice on the flyer ,that instead of Putting DR. paul Morgan it only has D.

This can't be legal. at the very least it's false advertising.

I was more worried about ordering something from overseas incase it contained a prohibited substances. with all these border security shows now on TV I wanted to make sure I wasn't doing anything ilegal.

can't someone in Austraila get ch 9- ACA to cheeck out and expose this scam.

I had received something like this flyer about a year ago, I sent it off requesting my "Free Trial Sample" but didn't send any money. a few weeks later I got an international call requesting I give them a credit card number. I of course said, No, That I wanted my free sample as promised first on the advertisiment , the lady hung up on me, and I never got my free sample. I'm very werry of companies that advertise products but don't have a web site or customer care phone number that I can ring first to find out more about a product.

go to the link below to cheek out the offical findings