I have the implant and have had it for a year now. Me and my boyfriend have sex everyday we dont use comdoms as he is allergic and my doctor said that the implant was the best way to go as i was having problems being on the pill. I had my last period about a week or so ago, my period since having the implant are short and painless and irregular. Last night i started having cramps and was very painful, as my last period was only a couple of days i thought it was starting again however i woke up this morning and still have it but no bleeding. I've been feeling really tired and bloated lately, i cant get comfortable my back and legs ache and ive started getting spots. I have to go to the toliet alot and want to sleep all the time. I'm drinking more then normal and have gone off food that i'd normally eat. My breast are sore and feel heavy and are more veiny then normal, everything just aches, im having alot of gas lately and have diarrhea. Could I be pregnant or am I just going crazy?