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Several conditions can present as a bump or a lump on the testicle, and yes, one of them is testicular cancer. A complete medical history, exam and investigations are required to establish a definitive diagnosis.

It is also important that you know what should be called a lump and what is normal. There’s a structure called the epididymis on the top and back of the testicle. It can give a “lumpy” feeling during a testicular self-exam, which is normal. A slight difference in the size of your two testicles is also normal. 

If there is an abnormal raised prominence or bulge on the surface or inside of the testicle that was not present before, schedule an examination and get it checked out by a doctor.

Possible Causes Of A Testicular Lump/Bump

There are both cancerous and non-cancerous conditions that can cause a lump on the testicle. They can vary in their associated symptoms. The definitive diagnosis is made after examination and investigations. The following few conditions are associated with a lump on testicle.

A hydrocele is formed due to fluid collection around the testicle. It causes a lump around the testicle which is usually painless. When a hydrocele becomes too large, it can cause pain. It is usually a harmless condition and it can be easily treated.

Varicocele — In this condition the veins around the testicles engorge. They usually give a lumpy feeling around the testicle and the scrotum often feels like a bag of worms. This condition is also painless.

Injury — A physical trauma like a hit by a ball or stick on the testicle can cause edema and swelling on the surface of the testicle that can result in a bump on the testicle. This condition is obviously painful. It resolves on itself after a few days but you should still talk to the doctor to investigate any serious injury.

Infection — Infection of the testis or orchitis can also cause a painful swelling on the testicle. The whole testicle is usually swollen in this case. Infections that develop complications can cause infertility. You should therefore take this seriously.

Testicular cancer — Testicular cancer mostly presents as a painless lump on the testicle. It can either be a small bump on the surface of the testicle or a large lump inside the testicle, making the whole testicle larger.

People usually ignore this because it is painless and pain is a major stimulant for people to visit a hospital or doctor. This is the reason testicular cancers (or most of the cancers) are diagnosed late and by that time the disease has progressed to dangerous levels. So, if you have a bump on the testicle, you should get it checked out. It may not be cancer but you will have peace of mind afterwards.

Testicular cancer can happen at any age but it is more common at young age. Almost half of the patients are between 20 and 34 years of age. Although it is a cancer, it is not as bad as it sounds. Most of the cases are easily cured especially if found early. The risk of dying from this cancer is only one in 5000. Most cases shrink by radiotherapy alone.

In short, yes a bump on the testicle should be examined and investigated properly by a doctor as early as possible. It may be cancer. The earlier it is diagnosed, the more effective the treatment is and the earlier it is cured.

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