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I've been on the pill for almost 4 years now and take it everyday either on time or with a 5 hour time span (on Alesse). I just had my period and was starting a new pack.....I took day one of my pill pack as usual and took the 2nd 2 hours late and had sex unprotected sex fallowing (he also ejaculated inside).....should i be worried????

thanks so much.


I would say yes, you shouldnt have had unprotected sex after taking your pill late, it throws everything off and needs time to settle. it was only two hours so shouldnt be too worried, but id keep track of periods and pills etc.
Hope this helps


Hi. I'm really really sorry this post is so long, but I want to tell all of the information so the reader will have the appropriate evidence to help me, so i apoligize in advance, but thank you for still reading and responding.

My girlfriend is 16 as am I. On New Years Eve we had unprotected sex, but didnt finish. It was both of our first times, and so we didnt know exactly how to do it. So we tried, but when I was inside of her, it hurt her. I was concerned for her because it hurts me when I see her in pain or discomfort. As a result, I was not very erect or turned on when I was inside of her. We tried for about 5 minutes, but after 5 minutes I decided that we should stop because I was worried about her. I did not have an orgasm or cum, and I don't typically have much precum when I masterbate.

About a week and a half after that night, she got her period. It was normal length, but only light bleeding. Since then, she has not gotten her period. She is under alot of stress, but she always is, so im not sure it if it is affecting her period.

She has told me before that she is irregular, and skips months sometimes, (it has happened about 4 times before) but these skips have only been one month, not 3 like this.

She has no pregnancy symptoms besides the periods. She has gained 1.5 pounds since new years eve, but Im not sure if that is just normal or not.

Also, she has taken two pregancy tests - one last month, and one a week and a half ago, and both were negative.

Is she pregnant? Please help, I really need it. Thank you sooo much.

P.S. We have decided to stick to fingering in the future because it is much safer in preventing pregnancy and we bought condoms just in case for me to wear so that even when fingering theres no chance of any fluids passing. However, about a month ago, I was fingering her for the first time and it was with her clothes on, and she started to bleed. Could this be because she hadn't broken her hymen yet? because I remember it was hard to tell if I was actually in her on news years eve or not because I wasnt very erect...

Thank you so much.


I wouldn't worry at all. It is not common to conceive the day after your period. 2 hours late taking your bc is no big deal.

Relax, your fine :D