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I am 39 years old and have been dealing with this issue for about 10 years.It starts out as a pain in between my rib cage(stomach)and radiates to my throat.I almost feel hungry but when I try to eat something it feels like it gets stuck and wants to come back up.I almost choke from it but it eventually goes back down.I dont have vomiting with it but it keeps me up for hours from the excruciating pain it causes.Antacids do nothing for it and pain relievers dont help either.IT feels like real strong pressure from my stomach to my throat and makes me feel like I need to swallow.Sometimes I wake up with my mouth filling up with water like Im going to vomit but I dont. I usually go drink milk when this happens and pray that it dosent choke me.Can someone please help or let me know if you are having the same symptoms?Ive tried to describe this to my doctor and all he says is acid reflux. What can I do?


Get a esophagoscopy evaluation of your throat, esophagus and stomach.   It is done under light anaesthesia and only takes about 2 hours.